SWECA´s Mission

Central America is a strategically located region with great business potential for Swedish companies. With a population of 40 million and Free Trade Agreement with both the US and the European Union, the region offers excellent opportunities and many Swedish companies have already a longstanding history of doing business in Central America. 

The Telecom sector is an example where Ericsson has been doing successful business for almost a century and Millicom has grown to be among the regional leaders in recent years.


SWECA´s mission is to serve as the business link between Sweden and Central America to provide Swedish companies with updated information, a unique and incomparable network and contact persons. The members of SWECA are all companies with an interest in the region and the willingness to promote increased trade and links between Sweden and the dynamic region.


SWECA is supported by the ambassadors and consuls from all countries in the region, the Swedish Government, as well as important actors in the Swedish business community providing access to political and official institutions and vital regional networks.


Through a new alliance with the Interamerican Development Bank, SWECA also offers all of its members exclusive information about trade rules and regulations, economic statistics as well as business opportunities and potential partners and financiers in Central America. 


Since the Chamber was inaugurated in September 2008, we have hosted several successful seminars, which you can read about in our Events section.


Read the SWECA inauguration speech from 2008 by Tomas A. Hammar.