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Costa Rica's official website for tourism And travel

Trade information:

The Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica:

Ministry of Foreign Commerce in Costa Rica:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Dominican Republic

Useful links for commerce and trade information

General information about the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic´s official website for tourism and travel

El Salvador

The official website of the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in El Salvador:

Investment opportunities in El Salvador, as well as updated economic data:

The official website of the Chamber of Commerce in El Salvador:
The official website of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador:
Presidency website:

The official website of the influential Salvadorian think-tank:


General information about Guatemala:
Guatemala's official website for tourism and travel:
National Tourism Organization:
Chamber of Tourism:
Sweden's embassy in Guatemala:
Guatemala's embassy in Sweden


Offers lodgings, tours, and travel tips, attractions, news, and eventsbooking:
Honduras travel and tourism information:
Travel guide for Honduras:

FIDE, investment and export
Chambers of commerce:
Central Bank of Honduras:


Ministry of Tourism of Nicaragua:
Tourism and Travel:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Ministry of Economy of Nicaragua:
Invest in Nicaragua:


Chamber of Tourism of Panama:  
Panamas official website for tourism and travel:
Ministry of foreign affairs:
Embassy of Panama in Sweden:
Chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture in Panama:
Ministry of Commerce and Industry:
The Culture Institute:  
Ciudad del Saber-Parque empresarial, científico y tecnológico de Panamá:
The Panama Canal Authority:
Autoridad Marítima de Panamá:
Panamas exporters association:


Sweden's official website for tourism and travel information:

Swedish Institute:
Government Offices of Sweden:
The National Board of Trade:
Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs:  
Swedish Trade Council:
Swedish Customs:
The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board:
Invest Sweden:

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