Matchmaking Service

Dear Central American Entrepeneur:


The Swedish Central American Chamber of Commerce – SWECA – has worked since it was founded in 2008 with the promotion of the region towards Swedish Companies, establishing thus a commercial presence in behalf of our countries, in close collaboration with the Central Americas Embassies established in Sweden.


Now we want to offer you, the Central American companies, the opportunity to find interesting counterparts in Sweden, and in that sense we offer you a service that we hope will expand your business, taking advantage of the Association Agreement between the EU and our region.


Please take time to fill out this form and once you have done that we will provide you with a list of interesting companies for the cost of US $ 50.00. Please note that the form is written in Spanish as it is intended for Central American Companies. An English version will soon be uploaded.

When we have confirmed that the information you have provided in the form is adequate, we will provide you with details on how to pay for this service.


You can find more information about SWECA at Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us