Why invest in Guatemala?


  • It is the largest economy in Central America with 37.5% of the total GDP.

  • It offers access to 67.5 million people in the Mesoamerican market.

  • Has a local market of 15 million citizens, 70% of them under the age of 30.

  • Has the largest student population in Central America.

  • Rated to be the 5th most open Latin American economy to direct foreign investment.

  • Multicultural country

  • Competitive advantage due to its strategic location as a natural bridge between the Americas with access both to the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, as well as to major global markets

  • Promotes the open establishment of businesses

  • The government is committed to ensuring transparency and legal certainty to attract more foreign and local investment

  • The government recognizes the importance of turning Guatemala into a free trade nation

  • Offers numerous incentives to investment

General information about Guatemala

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