November 20th 2020

Collaborative Economy: Opportunities and Competition

Although dealing with a demanding and challenging market with several competitors, companies dedicated to the transportation of people and delivery still visualize multiple opportunities in Costa Rica.


Tires: Purchases to Mexico Fall 23%

From January to July 2020, companies in the countries of the region imported new tires from Mexico for $9 million, 23% less than what was reported for the same period in 2019.

Natural Disasters Disrupt Regional Trade

Due to the tropical storms Eta and Iota, severe damage has been reported to the road network in Central American countries, and some border posts in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have been suspended.


Tender for $10 Million in Prepared Foods

The Ministry of Health of Panama tenders the supply of prepared food for the consumption of patients, medical and administrative staff and nurses of the Santo Tomas Hospital, for a term of two years.


Continuity of Reduced Working Hours

Because in Costa Rica the regulations authorizing companies to reduce working hours expire in December 2020, businessmen in the tourism sector are asking the Assembly to extend the deadline.


Liquors: Interest in Wine Begins to Fall

In the last few weeks in Central American countries, the volume of searches and conversations on the Internet associated with wine began to decrease, a trend that continued in early November.




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November 18th 2020

Consequences of Protectionism

Based on the willingness of Costa Rican authorities to raise the tariff on imported sugar from 45% to 73%, Brazil decided to raise the entry taxes on four animal products from Costa Rica.


Beer: Business with Mexico Falls 33%

From January to July 2020, Central American companies imported malt beer from Mexico for $35 million, 33% less than in the same period in 2019, a drop reported in the context of the economic crisis generated by the outbreak of covid-19.

Panama to Export Chicken Meat to China

Authorities from both countries signed a protocol that will allow Panamanian producers to export poultry meat to the Asian nation.


Vehicle Loans: Lower Demand in Nicaragua

In this scenario of economic crisis, the Nicaraguan market reported a 25% decrease in the balance of the vehicle loan portfolio between December 2019 and September 2020.


Telecom: Has the Market Share Changed in Costa Rica?

The company Telefonica went from monopolizing 22.3% of the total mobile telephone subscriptions in the country in 2015, to concentrating 29.9% at the end of last year.


Tender for Construction of University Campus

The Municipality of Mixco, department of Guatemala, is bidding for the construction of a higher education center to be located in the sector of Monserrat II.




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Government Purchases

Infrastructure: Future Investments at Risk

Due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, the income of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund was reduced, which puts at risk the financing of 120 infrastructure projects that together total an investment of approximately $1.521 billion.


Rental and Sale of Apartments: What is the Most Sought After?

Between July and October 2020 the number of people in Panama looking for apartments to rent grew 34%, while the number of Honduran consumers looking to buy apartments for sale fell 5%.

Alcoholic Beverages: More Competition in Costa Rica

Under the brand name of Topo Chico, Coca-Cola began to commercialize in the Costa Rican market a carbonated drink with alcohol, which belongs to the category known as "hard seltzer" or "spiked seltzer."


Panama: $250 Million to Face Economic Crisis

In the context of the economic crisis generated by the covid-19 outbreak, the CABEI approved a line of credit that the Panamanian government will use to finance the general state budget and programs for health protection, education and food security.


Pest Control: Trends in the Region

In March, when the pandemic began, interest in pest control services rebounded in Central American countries, but since July the volume of searches and conversations associated with the subject on the Internet began to decrease, and by early November the trend was still downward.


Guatemala: Tender for Ultrasound Services

The Social Security bids the ultrasonography services for patients of the institution's peripheral units in Zone 11, Zone 5 and the Outpatient Disease Consultation Unit.



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Government Purchases

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November 16th 2020
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June 11th 2020 
Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 2020 

The minutes from the Annual General Meeting have now been publised. Because of the situatuion with Covid-19 participation was to a large extent by phone. Please find minutes from the meeting attached here.

November 27th 2019 
Seminar evening

​A program in two parts: how to build entrepreneurship in developing countries, a case presented by Ms. Kristina Boman; and how Open Trade Gate Sweden, a service within the National Board of Trade assists entrepreneurs in developing countries to find new markets.

May 24th 2019 
Invitation to AGM of Sweca

​A warm welcome to all members of SWECA to the chambers Annual General Meeting. Please see the invitation for details on location and time.

In conjunction to the meeting, Marcus Lind will speak on the subject of Smart City Sweden - Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities.