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SWECA and ALMI seminar gave great insights on doing business in Central and Latin America.

Author: Rene Churquina.

ALMI's seminar provided an excellent opportunity to network with members of the Swedish business community with an interest in Central and Latin America. There were several prominent guests in attendance. These included the Business Council of the Dominican Republic, Mr.Raul Hernandez, as well as SWECA's founders and entrepreneurs and investors.

The SWECA board of directors opened the seminarium with an overview of the ongoing work in Central America. During the presentation, Carl Eric von Platen described SWECA's services and invited our community of members to build more bridges between Central America and Sweden.

A comprehensive presentation was presented by the Business Council of the Dominican Republic to the general public. This presentation was about the Dominican Republic's progress towards becoming one of the most significant logistics hubs in the Caribbean.

There has been an impressive development of infrastructure for cargo handling and shipping in the country. Significant investment has been made in order to facilitate global scale handling and even create free zones for manufacturing industries. These free zones have excellent conditions for launching production and shipping operations. As the Dominican Republic becomes an increasingly significant player in global trade, there are many opportunities for manufacturing companies to establish operations there.

Rene Churquina, Director of BSHDHUB, presented an overview of the growing demand for environmental technology. Several factors have contributed to the growth of demand for cleantech and climate tech in the region, including climate change-related issues with water scarcity and land use conflicts between biodiversity conservation and industrial agriculture.

Different business cases with cleantech were discussed at the seminary as well how to deploy better waste management systems to deal with the growing amount of solid waste in cities of Central and Latin America. The goal is to build sustainable, resilient, smart cities through the use of cleantech and climate technologies.

A discussion was held on digitalization that enables industrial processes and agriculture to be more energy efficient and water efficient.

Following their arrival at the event, guests had the opportunity to discuss new business opportunities and network with one another during lunch prepared by ALMI.

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