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The Business Link between Sweden and Central America

Central America is a strategically located region with great business potential for Swedish companies. With a population of 40 million and a Free Trade Agreement with both the US and the European Union, the region offers excellent opportunities and many Swedish companies have already a longstanding history of doing business in Central America. 

SWECA is the business link between Sweden and Central America and provides Swedish companies with updated information, a unique and incomparable network and contact persons. The members of SWECA are all companies with an interest in the region and the willingness to promote increased trade and links between Sweden and the dynamic region.

About Us: Welcome

Discover Central America

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Kommande evenemang

    Dec 05, 2022, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Norrmalm, Kungstensgatan 38, 113 59 Stockholm, Sverige
    SWECA har nöjet att i samarbete med ALMI bjuda in till ett lunchseminarium där vi presenterar möjligheter och risker som finns när man handlar med Centralamerika. I en serie seminarier med start den 5 december så avser SWECA i samarbete med ALMI att presentera den Centralamerikanska regionen.
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Medlemsfaktura 2023

En del av er har fått flera påminnelser om betalning av medlemsfaktura för 2023. En del kanske tycker det ser konstigt ut eftersom...

Membership 2023

Invoices for membership 2023 will be sent out shortly. Fees will remain the same for 2023, i e SEK 500 for individuals and SEK 1000 for...

Membership 2022

Hi everyone, dont forget to pay your membership fee for 2022. If you know someone who could be interested to become a member, please let...

News & Articles

Xiomara Castro: Honduras' first female president sworn in. Read more here:

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Meet the founders

Margareta N. Eidensten
Tom Bruno
Tomas A Hammar

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Tomas A. Hammar in Memoriam

Tomas A. Hammar, the first Chairman of SWECA, died on October 17, 2022, in Saltsjöbaden. He was 84 years old.

After graduating as Bachelor of Law at the University of Uppsala in 1967, Tomas first employment was with Skandinaviska Banken (merged SEB in 1971) Thereafter, he was employed by Sundsvallsbanken International department. In 1981, he became head of International of Swedbank and later transferred to New York as the head of the subsidiary until1989. After a period as managing director of Sveabanken in Stockholm, he worked during 1993-94 in New York as head of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. In 1995, Tomas was appointed Senior Advisor of Merrill Lynch Investment Corp. in Stockholm. 

Tomas held many Board positions in different associations, among others as Chairman of the Foreign Bankers’ Association, He is one of the founders of the Swedish Share investors Association.  In 2001, he was appointed Honorary Consul of El Salvador, a official position he held for 18 years. During this time, he also held different positions in the Consular Corps association, among other as Chairman.

As the honorary consul of El Salvador,Tomas  was one of the most enthusiastic promoters of SWECA since the start. Together with his consular colleagues Tom Bruno, Costa Rica, and Margareta Eidensten, Guatemala, SWECA was inaugurated on September 15, 2008.

I have known Tomas since 1983 when I was representing one of the largest US commercial banks delivering USD clearing and other services to the Swedish banking sector. Over theyears, we had recurring contacts within the financial sector. After my appointment as Honorary Consul of Guatemala in 2007, we had a close teamwork within the Board of SWECA. We also cooperated within the Board of the Consular Corps of Stockholm, where I succeeded Tomas as Chairman (the first female chairperson) in 2010 until 2017.

Tomas was a very social, energetic, friendly and creative person, qualities which SWECA was fortunate to benefit from. Tomas had an excellent, broad network in business and society which he used to strengthen the chamber since its foundation.  Tomas will be greatly missed by his associates and friends in SWECA. Rest in Peace and so long dear friend!

Lidingö, November 2022.

Margareta N. Eidensten

Co-founder and Senior Advisor SWECA

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